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SalamCast RSS 2.0 Podcast Generator, with iTunes podcast support

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SalamCastGen - Podcast Generator

SalamCastGen and SalamCastGenItem are a fork of Universal FeedWriter and FeedItem, by Anis uddin Ahmad ( Generates an RSS2.0 (Channel elements that are not included are: rating, skipHours, skipDays) Feed with a mix of ATOM xmlns and built-in support for iTunes Podcast xmlns; other XML Name spaces can be added, but you will need to manually add the elements your self with the proper xmlns prefix.

Some features include:

  • This feed generator has been targeted at iTunes, XMBC, iPhoto, any podcast (RSS 2.0) player/downloader
  • Not all tags are supported by all RSS readers, but they can be used for any clients you choose to create to comsume them
  • Support for XSLT templates for applying them to the RSS Feed.
  • Nothing is printed to the browser until you call $s->genarateFeed();
  • The feed can be returned as a string and not printed out right away, using $s->getNewFeed()
  • All common functionality is stored in an abstract class
  • iTunes podcast category checking