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SalamCast Podcast Player

Well the SalamCast podcast player is a javascript/jQuery plugin that just deals with the RSS format, all feeds had to be local files or local domain resources. ProxyCast is a PHP class to download podcasts from a remote server so content can be played locally on your web server with this plugin.

The Demo will have some podcast configured to show you how it works with feeds you have no control over.

RSS feeds are often used to provide information about audio and video clips of play lists that you may want to listen or watch in a browser.
On the browser side the players are often controlled using JavaScript code.

So the RSS feeds need to be parsed to extract the relevant information to be passed to the player in order to play a given play list.

This class simplifies that task by retrieving a given RSS feed, parse it to extract the play list clip information, and generates JSON data that is easier to process by the JavaScript player code on the browser side.

Manuel Lemos